Who Are We


We are a group with a three part mission. First and foremost, we exist to support parents and families of lesbians, gays, transgender, and bisexuals who are having problems accepting their relative’s sexual orientation. We also support the spouses of newly out LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) people. Second, we strive to educate ourselves and others about LGBTQ issues. Third, we are visible advocates for issues affecting the LGBTQ family, such as discrimination in the workplace and housing. With our LGBTQ family and friends, we work for equality of all their civil rights.

How it began:

PFLAG nationally has 500 chapters and more than 200,000 members. The concept of PFLAG began in 1973 when the mother of a gay man marched in New York's Pride Parade to show public support, pride and love of her son. She urged parents to unite in support of their gay children. The Madison chapter started about 20 years ago.

Description of meetings:

We meet for 2 hours once per month. The first hour is an educational program put on by the members or an outside speaker. After a short social break, we then go around the room introducing ourselves to each other and offering support to any member or visitor who needs it. Some of the veteran members will spend extra time with the newer people in small groups if needed.

In a nutshell:

"PFLAG is a group of caring people who work together and love their kids and each other unconditionally. We aim to end discrimination directed toward our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender loved ones. We strive for equality of their civil rights. We heal families." Harriet Bruyn


If you are interested in joining the Madison Chapter of PFLAG, our membership form is available as a PDF.

Board of Directors
President Jeanne Williams
Secretary/Treasurer Lora Schmid-Dolan
Executive Board Sandy Feria, Joanne Lee, Paul Wertsch, Nancy Jones, Ken Jones, Lora Schmid-Dolan, Jeanne Williams, and Jacki Wealti

Meetings are on the third Sunday of each month from September to May only.

    June, July and August
    you can typically find us here:

  • Farmers Market

Note: Even though we do not meet in June, July or August we are still available for information, arranging speakers and, most importantly, for support to any person whose child, other relative, friend or spouse has come out.